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October 30, 2011


Lone Wolf

Gwinevere Rain, My Name is Lone Wolf well that's me craft name at least. I am a wiccan I have been since i was 12 I'm 17 now and I would Like to say thank you and I love you so much your book Confessions of a Teenage Witch Celerating The Wiccan Life has helped me so much I love the book and you inspire me. I also write books and make crafts i'm really good with artistic stuff but really thank you so much and i love you. I hope we can become great friends.


Thanks Lone Wolf! I've so glad that you liked Confessions of a Teenage Witch!

You can find me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GwinevereRain

And feel free to let me know if there is something you'd like to see on Copper Moon!


Gwinevere Rain,
I have just begun reading Confessions of a Teenage Witch. I may find the answer later in the book but what isn't made clear in the Q&A in Chapter One is whether you have to give up your first religion if you want to practice Wicca. Can you tell me that?


First, thanks for reading Confessions of a Teenage Witch. I hope it gives you great information. In regard to your question, I think this article on Copper Moon may help address your question:

Although, it talks about blending paths, it also addresses the differences between Wicca and mainstream religions.

Only you can know if Wicca is right for you. Some people are interested, but decide not to switch.

Best of luck with your searching!
- Gwinevere Rain


Thank you. I'm probably going to try some of the things in the book (like keeping a Book of Shadows) and see what happens.

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