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September 18, 2010



I have been working on the non-Christian, non-Patriarchal, equal Pagan spirituality for a longer time now. Just like you, I too think we have to accept male spirituality and a male image of God as equal to the female image of God, because female chauvinism is just as chauvinist as male chauvinism, and not a good base to built an equal society.

I have to say something, though.

Witchcraft is not a religious practice per se. You can have it as part of your spirituality, and add God as part of your witchcraft, but you can be an atheist and a witch, practice witchcraft with no divinity at all. So, no, divinity is not seen as dual in witchcraft.

Also, I'm a monotheist Pagan, and I don't see divinity as dual either. Divinity, the Highest Power, is one, with many aspects, many forms it dresses itself in to make itself accessible to the feeble human minds. I don't like to call God "She" nor "He" - I like to call God God. :-)

I also see gender identity, gender role as a gray area in stead of two opposites. With all the transsexual, transgendered, intersex and gender-neutral people around I think one shouldn't limit the possibilities of divine expression to two genders.

But I am very strongly opposed to duality in all its forms. I like to see world more diverse than that. :-)

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