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May 14, 2009


Stella Rothe

About the crafty young witch post - I made my wand out of a wooden paintbrush handle. It's a perfect size and soft enought to carve on, as well.


Actually, there's one other thing you can do: not use a whole lot of tools. I have a small hand-broom, a collection of crystals, feathers, seashells, rocks and whatnot, a pencil and journal, and my brain and body. For, say, cutting a piece of string for a spell, I use my regular paper scissors that i use for everything else.


I love creating my own altar tools as well as finding the ones I'm inept at making for sale.

For my wand I used a fallen, barkless branch my lovely was nice enough to bring home to me. I adorned it with strips of fabric, feathers shells and beads I had already and it's perfect.

One of the restaurants I frequent gives mayo and other sauces in small glass jars. I always bring them home with me, wash them, remove the label and use them to store my herbs and sea water. :)


I also wholehartedly reccomend Op Shops. I brought a beautiful miniature antique kerosene lamp for $5 from one and it has taken pride of place on my altar ever since. Just make sure you clean and clense your objects before you use them

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